“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  

New 'Yoü and I' still.

"Thank you to the Mayor of Sydney, steadfast GLBT activist, for making me an honorary Aussie Citizen."

I miss the MonsterBall. Can’t wait for the next tour. Was magical to hear you sing all the words after just 6 wks. - @ladygaga

With Ginger! ‘Won’t poke holes in the seat with my heels, that’s where we make love’-Marry The Night

i just died and went to hell. ♰ - @ladygaga - Trois Jours. (via @ladygaga)

Me and Biff Byford of Saxon! Denim and Leather, he said I look better in the blood flesh. (DIED)- @ladygaga


Making of Born This Way in @ladygaga Twitpics.