Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams [Sims 2] 

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Great quality video of Gaga singing The Edge of Glory and Judas at artRave Chicago!

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i made my costume a few nights before the ArtRave hit Los Angeles & i fell in love with the outcome. i met so many monsters & took so many pictures! i wish i had those pictures too. artrave was amazing. she was amazing. here’s my costume! #artravelosangeles #artrave #venus #seashellbikini

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Great version of Gaga performing Venus and MANiCURE from artRave Chicago!

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Salon’s enough for her not to feel so insecure by Leonardo Barros (submitted by pepidiphuso)

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Houston, TX 7/16/2014

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Houston, TX 7/16

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Lady Gaga brought me and my sister onstage!
I threw a note attatched to a vest that I made for Gaga, she then read the note explaning on how I have been waiting to meet her through the Make A Wish foundation and if she would make my dream come true. She then invited us on stage and sang “Born This Way” and “The Queen” (dedicated to Jamey Rodemeyer). After that she took us to the quick change chute and then we were dancing when it was moving down. When we were under the stage we were laughing because we had fun dancing, then she asked us if we’d had fun. We went through a hallway which led back to the crowd. It was amazing, she definitely made my dream come true!

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