“‘The artpop album cover will be released on Monday along with a surprise that Lady Gaga and her team prepared not only for Little Monsters, but for the pop music.”

- Ryan Seacrest

Want to talk about numbers? Born This Way has more records than the entire career of Rihanna. Want to talk about talent? GaGa composes, sings, dances and plays perfectly, and is considered the greatest songwriter of our time. Want to talk about sales? Born This Way had the highest debut of the digital age and is the second biggest selling album of that year. Want to talk about success? GaGa is considered the most important of celebrity by Forbes today. Want to talk about fame? GaGa is considered the most influential artist of our time. Want to talk about power? GaGa is seen among all women under 40 years, the most important of the universe. Want to talk about the title? GaGa is considered the Queen of POP by established artists, as well as Billboard, Rolling Stones and the most important newspaper in the world, The New York Times. Want to talk about awards? GaGa has five Grammys (which won alone) with only one studio album. Want to talk about videos? GaGa was indicated in one night and that most VMAs won in one night, not to mention it is the singer who quickly won VMAs. Want to talk about international awards? GaGa is the singer with most EMA’s curriculum. And all that she has achieved in just three years. Did your singer has it all?

Lady Gaga will be performing at President Obama’s Inauguration on January 21, along with Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry and Usher.

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Lady Gaga showed up and told Little Monsters not to smoke during the show a few minutes ago

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According to some lucky little monsters last night, Gaga greeted them from behind a bush in LA!

After waiting for hours outside her hotel singing her songs to try to catch her attention, Little Monsters reportedly heard a voice saying “guys, guys over here!”, yet they ignored it and carried on singing, believing it to be someone trying to get them to quieten down.

It wasn’t until the bushes nearby started shaking and the voice exclaimed “guys, it’s me Gaga!” that the Monsters realised the Lady herself had snuck out of her hotel and hidden behind some bushes, frantically waving them to try and catch their attention.

Who knows why on earth she was hiding behind a bush, but #GagaTheTalkingBush was trending worldwide on Twitter earlier today after the story went viral on the social networking site!

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