“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  

Watch Lady Gaga’s Music Video Premiere of “Marry the Night”

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WATCH MARRY THE NIGHT VIDEO ON: An autobiographical film recounting my past, revealing my struggles + love for showbiz.

Rumor or Trumor?

There have been reports of a ‘MTN’ leak today.

The video for ‘MTN’ has been leaked!

To press play, or not to press play; that is the question!

Out of respect for GaGa, FYLG will not be posting the video until its official premiere.

Hate us if you would like but it’s just the way we play the game boys and girls.

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*’speck knuckles.* - anotheruselesshuman

The singer flexes her trim body while throwing a series of aerobic shapes in the first look clip of song Marry The Night.

Clad in a boob tube, GaGa also gets down on all fours in a push-up position and spreads her pins wide in slashed leggings.

Her get-up is surprisingly conventional by her eccentric standards.

And she’s wearing considerably more clothes than she did when she recently met veteran crooner Tony Bennett.

Last week, the pop titan revealed she stripped starkers to allow the 85-year-old to sketch an elegant nude drawing of her.

Speaking about the experience, she said: “I walked in and said: ‘Well, Tony, here we are’, and I dropped my robe and I got into position.

"I felt shy and thought: ‘It’s Tony Bennett, why am I naked?’"

Tony’s portrait of GaGa will appear in Vanity Fair next year.

The Poker Face star also recently opened up about what it takes to get her in the sack, saying: “It ranges from a really big d*** to a degree at Harvard.”

GaGa added to her desires “talent and perseverance and pushing the boundaries of love and acceptance”.

Not your everyday dating website entry…

(via The Sun)

Look at that stylist on the right, he’s got a great ass… BAM!

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