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“meet the meat dress” and “don’t smoke”. gaga inspired collage illustration pieces by Christian Cimoroni.


Bruce Willis Shows Off His Lady Gaga-Inspired Meat Hairpiece … It’s a 100 percent Beef Sirlion.

Surely a celeb wearing the fur of an animal killed just to be turned into a coat is far worse, but that hardly gets the same amount of bad press as Gaga did in her specially made ‘Meat Dress.’

Gaga is also confused over the whole furore and told her fans at her Philadelphia show last night.

She said: “What’s everyone’s big problem with my meat dress?

“Haven’t they seen me wear leather? Next time I’ll wear a tofu dress and the soy milk police will come after me.”

A ‘Meat Dress’ Gaga in Barbie form has already been made!