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Sydney 23 June 2012: This is where I told Gaga to write something so I could get Tattooed, so she did on my left arm and it says “I won’t Die, But I can`t Live without you. Lady Gaga.’ She told me its a lyric from her new album, and “you will love the song.” - Logan Constanti.

My Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ Tattoo. I got this as my Christmas present off of my boyfriend, it’s in French and reads ‘I want your love and I want your revenge.’

- Submitted by keepcalmanddrinkon.

..in the corner of my bar with your high heels on! - You and I. (via cameraflashesblindme)


I’ll never again, oh you’ve left me , you’ve left me  so . And I’ll never again, oh you’ve left me , so