“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  

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2x18 - Born This Way

Sung by: New Directions

Rachel Berry and Sunshine on Glee cover ‘Telephone.’


TELEPHONE - Glee Version; Lea Michele feat. Charice aka Rachel ft. Sunshine)


Remember when Glee performed Bad Romance and Pokerface? Well the brand-new released today preview of Series 3 shows Rachel and a new girl at approx. 1:04 covering ‘Telephone.’


Heather Morris (aka Brittany from Glee) and other dancers dancing to ‘The Fame.’ - real must-see!



Another picture of Dianna with her Lady GaGa hair and make-up :)

Another preview for the Glee Gaga Episode!