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this exact time on thursday, this happened. dgjfkljkkgf

Manchester MEN Arena 3rd June 2010 - taken by -cigarettestainedlies.



i love how someone else’s camera flash makes her look like a ‘Sim’ :’)

Manchester MEN Arena 3rd June 2010 - taken by -cigarettestainedlies

One lucky monster met Gaga on the 11th!

@ipraytogaga has tweeted several times, saying:

So we waited there, and noone would tell us if she would come. But as you know, monsters can smell momma…

So, we made a “chorus line” and had our PAWS UP and sang paparazzi every time the door opened.

And after some dancers came out, she did. AND WE SANG LOUD OUR ODE TO GODGA

She smiled, and walked towards our direction. She said “Hello, monsters”

She asked me my name for an autograph, but I said “Gaga, can I hug you?” and she passed me through the bodyguards

And she hugged me. She smelled soap and powder. I was very carefull with her huge coat.

Monsters were crying, and she said “I love you”, “It’s alright” and “I love your eyeliner monster”

She then twitpic’d photos from the 11th May:

FYLG’s ‘monster of the week’ was on Ellen yesterday and was phoned live on air by Gaga herself!


Glozell ‘translates’ Lady Gaga.

Dying LMFAO.



I cannot get over how amazing this is

Paparazzi- Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga; April 9th 2010

I was very lucky to meet lady gaga after her final Australian show in Melbourne tonight, i’d met her once before when she first released Just Dance, and although sometimes in interviews she seems a bit rude, she is genuinely a beautiful person.

Lady Gaga, who was on her way to a show, even popped back to the reception later that night to buy the entire wedding party a drink.

And her parting shot for the couple before she finally left was: “Have good sex!”

Gaga was at the Intercontinental Hotel in Adelaide, Australia, when she walked past the ballroom where the reception was in full swing. Courtney, a big fan, ­spotted her and screamed: “Wow! It’s Lady Gaga.”

And when Gaga spotted the bride, she stopped in her tracks.

A guest said: “Gaga looked across at Courtney and put her hands up to her face in a camera-clicking mime, as if to say, ‘Do you want your photo taken with me?’

“Of course Courtney said yes and Lady Gaga came in, kissed her on the cheek and happily posed for pictures.

“She lined up with the bride and her flower girls for an unforgettable photo.”

Later that night, the pop diva caught up with the wedding party again in the bar. “She shouted, ‘everyone, a round of drinks,” said a friend.

“She had no airs and graces. She’s a great lady.”