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Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams [Sims 2] 

Mock PARTYNAUSEOUS booklet page.

Submitted by GagaTheatre 

ARTPUP: 20x26 watercolor, markers &charcoal pencils 

"my heart can beat with bones and springs"

i <3 batpig 

I saw Lady Gaga Monday night at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. It was the last show ever for the Roseland as they were closing. I had VIP so I got early entry, so I was barricade. I drew two drawings of Gaga to give to her AND I GOT IT TO HER. THOSE ARE MINE. SHE IS HOLDING THEM. People started throwing things on stage so I held my two drawings up and she grabbed them and held them up for the whole crowd. She talked right at me about never stop creating and always doing what I love and continue being talented and doing art and I AM IN SO MUCH SHOCK. She then was like “Wait are these for me!?” And I was like “YESS” and she said “Thank you so much” and yeah well… 

This is for the anon who asked me about my art project. The task was to somehow mix up two art pieces and make them look like one. I took Claude Monet’s Poppy Field and Gaga photographed by Robert Wilson, printed both pictures, cut them in small stripes and glued them together. This whole thing should represent Gaga mixing herself, pop music, with art, in this case, by Monet. It also should look like Gaga is lying in the poppy field, somehow, like she’s letting herself “go” in art.
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