“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  
“Gaga’s quite shy and reserved! And she never dares to interrupt a monster when they’re speaking, so when you talk, she’s focused on every word you say and does her best to make you feel like you’re valuable to her time. She treats you not like a fan, but like a friend. She never wants you to feel like she’s a superstar, she makes you feel as though you’re on the same level. She never holds back any feelings she has and nothing but the truth comes out of her mouth. she let’s you ask her absolutely anything. Gaga truly cares about us more than anything, when you listen to her answers, it’s clear that she breathes for her fans. She’s honestly the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life.”
Little Monster Christine after meeting Gaga backstage after the BTWB.


My year of Gaga.

Although Lady Gaga didn’t release any new music in 2012, I had the most incredible year. After buying BTWB tickets early on in the year, a majority of 2012 was spent planning ways to try and get picked to go backstage and what to wear, not to mention all of my money this year went on prep for this one concert. Meeting the most amazing monsters whilst queuing for the Monster Pit, the atmosphere in the Pit when the Lady took to the stage, everything about the 8th September was incredible.

A month later, I met my idol. 2nd October 2012 marks the date of the London Harrods Fame Launch, after 28 hours of camping on the streets of London with some more incredible Monsters who each shared their intimate stories of meeting Gaga backstage, the time came where David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ blared from the speakers outside of Harrods and the brunette Gaga came strutting towards us. Holding my camera out ready, when her head turned toward me I shouted asking if we could take a picture, and she looked straight at me, nodded, and came right up beside me. I touched her shoulder briefly, and she turned to look at me after it had taken. All I remember after that moment was me shouting that I love her, her looking at me, and then collapsing into hysterics on the spot. Monsters surrounding me, including the bodyguard who had been chatting with us whilst we’d waited, came round to hug me and congratulate and console me. 

I’d pictured a moment with her so many times in my head, but nothing compares to the real life moment. I still don’t believe it happened, and it gives me hope that one day I will be able to thank her for her influence and impact on my life, and thank her for the two incredible experiences I’ve had with her.

Here’s to 2013 - the year of ARTPOP.

Dance In The Dark - Little Monster Fan-Made Video.


you guys,  it turned out way better than i thought it would. :)


You might remember a post a couple of days ago on FYLG which was a video of Gaga phoning up an opra-singing Monster during the show and getting her to sing to her down the phone. Here’s a backstage photo of that little monster meeting Gaga after the concert!

In a Yoga Studio with a little monster!

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