“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  
TRACK: The Donatella Shire
ARTIST: Lady Gaga vs. Modulation
PLAYS: 4,377
U-GO-BOY's latest release, ARTPOP X EDM, a compilation of ARTPOP songs mashed up with popular EDM songs.

01. Lady Gaga vs. Hot ****! - Haunted Aura (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
02. Lady Gaga vs. Hypster - Venus Gameworld (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
03. Lady Gaga vs. Trampboat - Stania G.U.Y (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
04. Lady Gaga vs. Plissken - Space Funk Sexxx Dreams
05. Lady Gaga vs. BAAD - Digital Jewels n’ Drugs City (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
06. Lady Gaga vs. Digital Fracture - MANiCURE Symbol (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
07. Lady Gaga vs. Falcon Funk - Pounce What U Want (feat. R. Kelly & Christina Aguilera) [U-GO-BOY Mash-up]
08. Lady Gaga vs. Star Killa - Disco Nected ARTPOP (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
09. Lady Gaga vs. Porter Robinson - Uniswine (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
10. Lady Gaga vs. Modulation - The Donatella Shire (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
11. Lady Gaga vs. Andy’s ILL - Valhalla Fashion! (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
12. Lady Gaga vs. Electric Joy Ride & Galaksi - Dynamite Mary Jane Zombies (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
13. Lady Gaga vs. Savant - Dope Heart (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
14. Lady Gaga vs. Jigante - Hodor Gypsy (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
15. Lady Gaga vs. Ragga Twins & Sanxia - Galagapplause (U-GO-BOY Mash-up)
Bonus Track: 16. Lady Gaga vs. Deorro - Dechorro Venus (Chardy Remix) [U-GO-BOY Mash-up]