This concert was in fucking credible, i can’t even put into words how fun and life changing it was, this was my 3rd time seeing gaga live and definitely one of the best.. the stage set up was amazing and i pretty much was less than 10ft from her the entire time.. I love you gaga so much and i hope the rest of you guys enjoy this video as much as I do, much love :)

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An original improv review of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP by Yu Ling Wu 

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Track-by-Track ARTPOP Commentary, with full album!

Check out this edit I made of Lady Gaga’s Track-by-Track ARTPOP Commentary! Listen to the complete album while Gaga explains each track & feel as though you are listening to it with her. Uploaded with 320Kbps MP3-Format Audio. Enjoy! Submitted by 

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Choreography video we made to ‘Applause’. Hope you guys like it :)

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"My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face…"LADY GAGA (Burqa/Aura) 

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Saint Gwen candle available at!

Submitted by IdolKill

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9 Days Gaga in Argentina!! I can’t wait anymore!!!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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This music video was shot for my music video class I took. We were assigned to do a karaoke video to any song we choose. This is to Lady Gaga’s song “Monster”.
Taking place in a 19th Century Burlesque Whore House, a young woman dreams of finding her true love but sadly must sell herself to survive in this world. During her performance a man catches her eyes, and she sure caught his… In this story she struggles with her dreams - and insanity - to decide if to let him into her heart. The line is crossed between the real and the unreal - there is even a surreal, wild orgy. 
This is the little preview… enjoy!

Music by Lady Gaga
Director: Paige Zeitler
Director of Photography: Amber Cicardo, Mattison Stanton

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