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This concert was in fucking credible, i can’t even put into words how fun and life changing it was, this was my 3rd time seeing gaga live and definitely one of the best.. the stage set up was amazing and i pretty much was less than 10ft from her the entire time.. I love you gaga so much and i hope the rest of you guys enjoy this video as much as I do, much love :)

Submitted by officialericroberts My 5th in my Gaga series. littlemonsters: ericroberts89

Hi fellow monsters! 

I need your help. I am doing my final project in cultural social studies and I thought to myself, what can I do that stands out? And then I thought of you. 

I want to show my teachers that Lady Gaga is about so much more than the music. I want to prove to them that her music is more than just manufactured pop, that she actually cares about us. I want them to see the unity that we possess. 

That’s where you come in. If you could please take some time and make a five to ten minute video telling us fellow monsters how Lady Gaga has helped you, influenced you or saved your life. Tell us what it IS to be one of her monsters. Tell me about how her music makes us feel, how her concerts change lives, tell us why you love her so much. 

As I said, make the video into five-ten minutes. Post it here on tumblr (sincerelyyourlittlemonsters.tumblr.com/ask) , on your Youtube accounts (tagged ‘sincerely your little monster’) or email it to me: sincerelyyourlittlemonsters@gmail.com

Paws up!


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