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What’s your opinion on last night’s performance of Swine with Millie Brown?

(and if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the talk of last night’s setlist!)

March 14, 2014 with 41 notes
  1. neo-classic-soul answered: I Really dont think it was in no way a way to glamorize eating disorders ,to get a message arcoss to not take your self to seriously.
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  3. im-mrs-anciso answered: one question. was it really REAL puke?
  4. youshowallthelittlelights answered: it was crazy and outlandish and i love her for that, but it actually made me feel sick. i want her to push the boundaries, but was so gross
  5. famekiller answered: I was taken back at first but then the more I watched, the more I respected it.
  6. poliricks answered: AMAZING.
  7. marcmphoto answered: I love it so bad ! I mean she hasn’t done anything that great since her meat dress, she needed to be back with such an amazing .. THING <3
  8. jkfortheloveofbroadway answered: LOVED IT, reference to her old era and so free and grunge
  9. fiendishheritage answered: WAY WAY too intense for me. And that’s saying a lot
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  11. raquel-totaldramagagalover answered: I HAVE NO WORDS
  12. itsmilerbitch answered: 1) young kids don’t understand Art (nor ARTPOP)
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  14. aphrotittylady answered: IT SLAAYEDDDDD
  15. plumslut answered: Haven’t we seen Millie Brown puke on Gaga before? (Puke Interlude - Monster Ball) I think this performance parallels that interlude.
  16. matthewfiendman answered: Fantastic, Gaga at her very best. The entire set was just brilliant, no faults found.
  17. rafrica answered: even if u are familiar with Millie Brown work it was still a fuckign mess
  18. how-fascinating answered: I think without know the work of Millie Brown, or understanding what Swine is about, it could easily be misunderstood. I loved it though
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