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EXPLANATION: Gaga said that my boobs were luscious. Ended up taking the picture with her grabbing them. 

I was the 4th person to meet her and my lord. 

The 3rd person was Ashley who is the monster I came with and she was talking to Gaga about how we came from Canada and she pointed at me so then Gaga looked in my direction and was like “come in, come sit here!” and I sat on her bed and we just spoke for what seemed to be 10 minutes but i’m sure it was like 5.

We spoke about many things but it short, we spoke about gifts I had brought for her, this cross my friend Celine and I made (that she signed), I talked to her about not being able to see her again until she comes to North America, we spoke about our insecurities, the Born this way album, my hooker nails, my breasts, my cell phone plus something else but I don’t wish to say what it is. She hugged me 3 times because of three different things and told me she loves me about 7 times throughout the 5 minutes. 

We were on her bed talking and we both forgot that there were other people until one of her security guards waved his hand in our faces to bring me back to the reality of having to leave her side but honestly, it’s SO easy to speak with her. I was afraid she’d find me annoying from when I message her on twitter or LM but she completely reassured me that that wasn’t the case.

You can talk to her about anything, she listens to every detail you have to get out and will give you advice on everything. Because she’s 26, she can easily relate to our problems and our views so she’s open and honest about everything and will not judge you either.

It was the most incredible experience in the world. It’s a sense of content I’ve never felt before. Definitely, the BTWB in Sofia was the best day in my entire life.” - Little Monster Christine.

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