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After camping for 27 hours outside Harrods, in the freezing cold without getting any sleep, we made it to the front row of the black FAME carpet, literally being pressed up against the barrier so tight I couldn’t breath. She was over an hour and a half late, and when everyone started screaming I couldn’t understand why because I couldn’t see a thing, then all of a sudden I saw her hair and then she turned around to look in our direction and I died on the spot. I screamed so loud, held my camera out ready and when she walked to us I said ‘Gaga can I have a picture please?’ and she looked straight at me and nodded, then came up next to me so I could take one, but I was shaking so hard it took me about two minutes to press the shutter and she looked at me afterwards and my mind as blank and I was shaking so hard so I just shouted ‘I love you Gaga, I love you!’ and as she walked away I burst into tears, I was literally stood there crying my eyes out and the monsters who were behind me who I hadn’t even spoken to started putting their arms around me going “are you actually crying!?” and the security guard who we’d been joking with for a few hours before Gaga came looked at me and said ‘are you alright?’, put his hand on my shoulder because I was stood there in hysterics and said ‘see, wasn’t that worth the wait!’ and it was. I’m almost in tears typing this out again. 27 hours of camping in the cold for a few minutes to see her walk past and to be SO close to her, it was MORE than worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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