“I’ve worked hard towards this moment, and I think it’s an important message to tell my fans: even if you’re going through a dark time… don’t ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again.”  

What song/s are you most looking forward to at the BTW Ball?

  1. weepingjesus answered: Electric Chapel <3
  2. aphrrodisy answered: marry the night born this way hml scheiBe and government hooker
  3. theeliseidel answered: highway unicorn road to love
  4. socrappyicoulddie answered: Scheiße! My heart cries because I’ll never hear it in a club because clubs usually only play singles, so I can’t wait to rock out to it!
  5. freshrosi answered: Heavy Metal Lover >____<
  6. thesweetcut answered: Bloody Mary
  7. k-osmos answered: Electric Chapel and Bloody Mary!
  8. littlemonstersfreedom answered: ELECTRIC CHAPEL
  9. arby306 answered: ScheiBe
  10. shannon-claudia answered: Born This Way, of course. :D
  11. reina-lee answered: ALL OF THEM
  12. gagafannumberone answered: electric chapel and maebey summerboy
  13. consultingmoosecaptain answered: I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she does Teeth! It’s one of the under appreciated songs, in my opinion.
  14. imnowrecording answered: Black jesus
  15. earthtreadingstar answered: Americano.
  16. opal-glass answered: Government Hooker
  17. happyking answered: Judas, Scheibe, Heavy Metal Lover, Marry the Night, Electric Chapel
  18. joeymonda answered: Americano
  19. oscarmonster answered: Government Hooker.
  20. andyyleb answered: Judas
  21. varshitty answered: Scheiße, Judas, Heavy Metal Lover, and if she did Out Of Control i would die.
  22. fkatwinkz answered: Marry the night, Heavy Metal Lover & Born this way
  23. brynb394 answered: you and i
  24. maryo9687 answered: Heavy Metal Lover / Electric Chapel
  25. catontheloose answered: bloody mary+heavy metal lover+government hooker+electric chapel+the queen
  26. syleus answered: scheiße !
  27. theclassyfiles answered: Everything! It’s going to be epic!!!!!!!!
  28. stillmadeofbricks answered: hair!
  29. digletts69 answered: GOVERNMENT HOOKER
  30. thatputa answered: GOVERNMENT HOOKAHHHH.
  31. eastvillageshedevil answered: HEAVY METAL LOVER & BLOODY MARY!!!!!!!!!!
  32. teenageshoes answered: you and i all the time :) it’s about Nebraska
  33. isthisgrindr answered: Bad Kids
  34. i-mfreeasmyhair answered: Born this way!!
  35. showmeyourclick answered: All, less The Queen and Americano.
  36. sunburntmilk answered: Heavy Metal Lover! I feel in love with that song recently.
  37. retrodancefreak96 answered: judas
  38. quickdrawmcgraw answered: HAIR
  39. babalish answered: Electric Chapel & Heavy Metal Lover :)
  40. jdlc9215 answered: YOU AND I!!